City Graz
Austria, Graz
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Installation
  • Media
  • with:
    Innocad & Martin Kern


    To people in Graz, “Murnockerln” are a symbol of permanence. They not only constitute the geological base of the city, but also the foundations of historic buildings and paving. In the task of creating a new information centre for Graz Tourism in the city’s heritage listed building of the Provincial Armoury, the “Murnockerl” is the basic building block of the concept, a contextual link, a metaphor, corporate symbol and form-giving element in one. In the architecture, the organic form of the “stones” is broken down into layers, similar to their structure. The space-forming and form-giving grid surface can be used as variable shop furniture and adapted for product display. The completely free vault ceiling functions as a screen for a large media installation developed in collaboration with sound artist Gerrit K. Sharma.

    The project was lead by INNOCAD and developed by a multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, fashion and product designers, sound and media designers, and architects. The result is a consistent corporate identity combining architecture, media and merchandising aspects.